A bit of construction...

I'm making a few minor layout changes to the site, and trying to make things a bit easier to find. Unfortunately, it's like pulling teeth... Some things that I thought would be easy have to been done in a very weird way to work the way I want them.

And because a lot of sets were just put up as "products" and didn't have a related blog post, I've gotta go back through everything and make it all match up to work in the new flow of things. So, if you see "new" blog posts showing up that are of sets that were already on the site, that's why.

The main menu is going to get changed around, so you may have to poke around to find things, but I am adding a "Models" page, which will (eventually) have an alphabetized list of everyone on the site, and then a link to all of their posts. It's just going to take a while to get everything in there. So check back often. :)

But the end result will hopefully be a lot more usable. :) And then, who knows, I might even add some more things to it... :P Or even, shoot something new... gasp!


Okay, I decided to go ahead and share the beginnings of phase 1, instead of waiting 18 years until I'm ready.... Now there's a link for "models" in the main menu... And so far, a FEW sets of a FEW models are now linked in a nice organized fashion... And in two or three of the posts I've added a few pics to the blog post, so you can see them in a better way other than just the shopping cart system...

Check out Erica M for an example of where I'm heading....

For everything else (including more sets of the models listed in the above link) you'll still have to dig through the product pages for now... (Sorry....I know its a pain....)