Red Sheer Lingerie

Anna in gorgeous red lingerie... and without it...

To download the entire 109 picture set click here...

I've slowed WAY down on this site because the process is WAYYYYYY too slow:

Add a new product, put in the description and details and such, upload a zip file, upload preview pics... Then make a blog post about it, link in the product page, link in each picture individually through multiple folder levels... Then add the post name to the model list (so it pulls in for reach model), and select a pic (again) for that list.... Then add the blog to the featured list, and remove old ones from the featured list.

I think that's all the steps, but you get the point. It's a pain in the ass and takes about 30 minutes to do ONE SET. On the other hand, when I post a set to my regular photography website it takes about 2 or 3 minutes, tops. And then another 2 minutes to add a post to Patreon. Soooo that's why I've shifted my focus back there for now. You can get everything that is available here (and tons more) just by writing to me on Patreon and asking me for it. 3 sets per month for $20 or $30. (So yes, it's cheaper there, too.)

Oh and on Patreon, you can adjust the amount every month... up, down, cancel, come back... It's super easy and no big deal. So you don't really need to think about it like a subscription that's hard to get out of.

So go check it out... My website... and Patreon....